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Why do I choose Shopify?

Before migrating/expanding your business to e-commerce you probably want to figure out what platform to choose.  You try to google, ask friends, co-workers or someone who already launched e-commerce website and makes money. One of the main keys to success is to choose a platform that matches with your goals and features you want to implement. Let's discuss Shopify CMS and when it's the best scenario in terms of your business process. What's Shopify?/how to use?/benefits! You don't know [...]

E-commerce in the world

In 2017, B2C e-commerce sales did hit $2.3 trillion worldwide. B2B e-commerce, on the other hand, reached $7.7 trillion. Each year we're facing evolving of the e-commerce market. Let's stay updated and discuss what's currently happening with online-Shopping and why it'll soon embrace the whole world. nes? Local store vs online store (invisible competition) Every day people buy some stuff online such as furniture, food, clothes etc. We still remember these days when you had to schedule the whole [...]

Project Manager – waste of budget or the only chance to save your project?

We all know about how dedicated teams may help out on the project and why it's sometimes the best way in terms of startups, pivoting and budget. Once you have an idea, next step will be finding a trusted team to give your concept a birth. Let's talk about Project Manager role! When may it boost development and give you a chance to meet all the deadlines? Planning: (how someone without tech skills can help to succeed with a [...]

IT conference – false expectations or new opportunities?

Participating in IT conference is always a big step for growing IT company. Web Summit 2017 welcomed 60,000 attendees, including 1,200 speakers, 2,600 international media, and 1,400 investors. What is the purpose and why representatives are spending a lot of time/money for such an event? Let's find out why participating in IT conference may be useful for your business, how it may boost your sales and what are these steps you should follow while preparing. Expectations Probably you've heard [...]

IT Prosteer joined Lviv IT Cluster!

Recently IT Prosteer joined Lviv IT Cluster. No doubt, some people already know about Lviv IT Cluster but I would like to uncover all the benefits such a membership brings clients, IT community, and the company itself. Let's talk a bit about those advantages and try to figure out what does it mean to be a member! Credibility Being a member of Lviv IT Cluster doesn't only mean that company has some unknown for other people status. In fact, [...]

How to survive on Upwork?

Everyone wants to be independent and dreams of his/her own company challenging projects and of course revenue. Despite an already mature existing market, there's still a chance to open your own agency for those who has skills and have no idea how to find clients. Almost every second local company started business from Upwork marketplace. So what are those steps that have to be followed in order to succeed on Upwork? Reputation (Client is my friend Remind yourself a [...]

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