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Product cost:
40 $

SMS automation module is a system of automated sending the SMS messages to your clients using 1C: Enterprise software complex.

This module enables to automize the process of sending a SMS-message to the clients; simplify the communication and significantly save your time on a customer support.

50 $

  • More than 200 implementations
  • Ability to functional improvements
  • Compatible with basic configurations 1C:Enterprise
  • Time savings
  • Improved business performance
  • Full control over the delivery process
  • Shipment automation
  • Improved communication
  • Possibility to work with the Nova Poshta module


  • Composing and automatic sending of SMS messages to the client’s phone number directly from 1C:Enterprise system
  • Newsletter automation
  • Connecting newsletters with corporate rules or events
  • Messages status

  • Tracking a sent message in a separate column in the order list

  • Viewing all created events of the particular order/client

Download the module description and integration instruction here

Compatible typical configurations:

  • Trade enterprise management for Ukraine, rev.1.2;

  • Trade management for Ukraine, rev. 2.3;

  • Trade management for Ukraine, rev.3.0;

  • Trade management for Ukraine, rev.3.1;

  • Small company management for Ukraine, rev.1.4;

  • Small company management for Ukraine, rev.1.6.

We can add extra functions to this solution depending on your task and needs.


If you use this module, for example, with Nova Poshta API 2.0 and 1C:Enterprise Automated Shipping Solution you can set an automatic sending of an SMS message to client’s phone number according to a template. For example, after an employee has entered a tracking number into a system and a package has been received in a delivery company office, a message will be sent to a client. A message will look like “Your order has been sent. Nova Poshta, Lviv, Branch #1. No. 20400000522222».


SMS module can be integrated in typical objects of configuration. For example, a new type of event (“SMS”) will appear in the “Event” document. All functions of the document on filling the contact details, using templates, etc. is preserved. After you have filled in all the data and pressed “Send SMS” button, the data is transferred to a provider’s server and delivered to a client almost immediately.


In an order list, you can track a sent message in a separate column. You can also view all created events related to a particular order/client.

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Additional Benefit

If your company needs fast automated processing and accounting of a large number of packages via Nova Poshta shipping company, we recommend using a module for automatic SMS sending along with the Nova Poshta API 2.0 module, which is available here.

Combining these two modules will allow you, for example, to set automatic sending of SMS message to client’s phone number according to a template.

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