There is probably not a single Internet user not aware of what a business card website or online store is. However, the concept of a landing page is still not well known. This is unfortunate because a landing page is a powerful tool for attracting new customers.

Landing Page Advantages


Bright, colorful and clear design with maximum necessary information
Low cost and fast development

Short payback period

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The concept of a landing page itself is multivalued. It can be:

  • Single page website with all necessary information and a call to action
  • A page at a multi page website focusing on a certain service or product, action or call to action

IT Prosteer offers developing both types of landing pages.

Goals and Benefits

  • A single page website can easily replace a business card website (if you do not have too much information and do not need to describe services and products in detail)
  • A landing page at a multi page website can be used for
    • different offers and promotions
    • detailed description of a particular offer with the call to action
    • collecting leads (potential customers’ contacts)
    • presenting a new service or product
    • whatever you can think of .


Key components of a landing page

  • Eye catching title
  • Bright, colorful and clear design
  • Brief and accurate information
  • Call to action (i.e., what you want a customer to do at this page: leave contacts, fill in the form, buy a product, order a service, etc.)


Stage 1

  • Discussing the customer’s wishes and requirements
  • Choosing the platform
  • Creating the term of reference

Stage 2

  • Choosing and adapting the theme / template (depending on the platform chosen)

Stage 3

  • Developing the page structure
  • Design

Stage 4

  • HTML coding and layout

We also offer services of

  • copyrighting
  • SEO
  • internet advertising
  • hosting the website (in case you want to create a one page site)
  • buying and registering the domain (in case you create a new one page site)

However, developing a bright, colorful and informative landing page will not take you far. In order to promote it, you will need effective advertising targeted precisely at your potential customers. You can do it yourself or you can also order this service from us. More about SEO services by IT Prosteer.


We offer landing pages developing on the following platforms


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If you make an order at IT Prosteer, you will definitely get an easy-to-use, up-to-date and colorful landing page meeting all the search engine requirements.

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