What Do You Need a Corporate Portal For?

Besides an obvious goal, a centralized project management, you will also receive a number of additional features:


Increase of Employees Effectiveness

  • Employees stay informed about the current processes and news of the company
  • Accumulated database of corporate information
  • Joint work in groups on various projects
  • All necessary information in one place
  • Improved communication among employees

Optimization of Business Processes

  • Consecutive processing of requests
  • Coordination and joint work on projects
  • Discussing and updating joint plans in work teams
  • More transparent work process in all departments
  • Quick feedback

Increase of Business Effectiveness

  • Improvement of work and customer service quality
  • Improvement of company competitiveness on the market
  • Improvement of company image in the eyes of its employees and customers
  • Improvement of management decisions quality
IT Prosteer Company is a certified partner and participant of the quality monitoring program of 1C-Bitrix implementation. it means that we provide and will provide you with a high-quality product.

Detailed Description of Functions and Features

Internal and External Communications

  • Communicate with colleagues and partners, discuss tasks, create group tasks. All this in real-time mode and in one place
  • Create work projects and groups
  • Chat, create a group business chat
  • Make video calls (up to 4 people at the same time)
  • Activity stream (single live feed for the entire company)
  • Telephony (possibility to accept calls and call colleagues and clients at good rates)
  • Extranet (possibility to communicate with clients on a neutral territory without access to internal corporate information. Invite colleagues from other companies to the extranet and work on joint projects)

Task and Project Management

  • Convenient tools for task management. Integrate of  tasks with calendars, monitor time of completion, delegating tasks, use templates and filters
  • Copying tasks, ready-made templates
  • Delegating
  • Creating subtasks
  • Sharing tasks with several employees
  • Monitoring task completion time
  • Task reports (time monitoring, resource monitoring, effectiveness, employee reports, task reports)

Joint Work with Documents

Connecting “Bitrix24.Drive” gives you the ability to manage your work files from both a computer and a portal. Connect group drives and folders to company files to the Drive, grant access to your colleagues and work on them together. Discuss your work in activity stream.

You can also work with documents using external services, such as Google Docs or MS Office Online. With these services you can open and edit files of standard format directly on the portal. The entire revision history is kept, which allows restoring previous document versions.

HR: Human Resources Management

Structuring, monitoring, communicating, teaching and testing employees online on the portal.

  • Visual representation of the company’s structure
  • Display and easy search of employees and their contacts
  • Employee absence chart
  • Company announcement board
  • Employee’s personal page
  • Teaching and testing employees
  • Company news
  • Display of vacancies and career growth of employees
  • Internal requests

CRM: Clients and Sales

Keep a database of contacts and companies. Manage your leads from any device. Be on top of all interactions (calls, meetings, emails), put invoices for your clients, make reports and sales funnels. Send newsletters and call your clients directly from the CRM.

  • Built-in catalogue of products and services
  • 8 typical reports
  • Importing leads from webforms, vCard and CSV lists
  • CRM integration with online store
  • CRM integration with email
  • Assigning transaction processing tasks to your colleagues
  • Integration with 1C database

Planning and Monitoring the Work Time

You can monitor the work time of your employees, time of tasks completion and time of absence. Plan events, integrate plans with calendars, set up meetings, etc.

  • Monitoring the work time
  • Calendars (personal and shared)
  • Planning group meetings
  • Booking of meeting rooms
  • Work reports to managers

Automation of Company Business Processes

  • Control of various business processes of the company through the portal, from shipping orders to interacting with a partner or client network.
  • Automation of own routine operations (arranging business trips, publishing orders, confirming payments, etc.)
  • Automation of company workflow
  • Automation of leads and agreements processing
  • Visual representation of the stage sequence of business processes

Desktop Application

  • Install the desktop application (for Mac or Windows) to communicate with your colleagues even when your browser is closed
  • Call your colleagues through the portal or on their cell phones
  • Create group chats and invite your colleagues
  • Receive notifications in live feed about new events, tasks and their progress
  • Connect “Bitrix24. Drive” to your desktop application and work with files from the portal on any device

Mobile Application

  • Install a mobile application (for iOS and Android) and work with the portal on your tablet or smartphone
  • View and comment in the live feed
  • Manage documents, tasks and files
  • Manage the CRM client database
  • Appoint meetings and confirm your participation
  • Receive push notifications

1C, Microsoft, Google, Apple Integration

Self-hosted version of the “1C-Bitrix24” can be integrated with various applications from the leading software developers:

  • MS Office, MS Office Online
  • GoogleDocs
  • MS Outlook (contacts, calendars)
  • Google (contacts, calendars)
  • MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Connector to MS Exchange Server 2007/2010
  • MS Exchange Web Mail
  • Connector to MS SharePoint
  • „1C: Salaries and Human Resources”
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integrator + NTLM

Security and Reliability

“1C-Bitrix24” offers maximum protection from various threats. The following web application protection is included in the module:

  • Security panel with levels of protection
  • Proactive filter, web antivirus
  • Security audit tool for PHP code protection
  • One-time password technology (OTP)
  • Protection of authorized sessions (Bitrix OTP), safe authorization without SSL
  • Activity control, journal of intrusions
  • Safe authorization without SSL
  • Journal of intrusions, stop lists
  • IP protection of administrative sections
  • Control of script integrity

Prices and Comparison of Different Product Versions

You can buy either a cloud or a self-hosted version of “1C-Bitrix24”. Make your choice based on the tasks and the number of users.

Free (Cloud) Plus (Cloud) Standard (Cloud) Professional (Cloud) BizPace (Self-hosted) BizPace Enterprize (Self-hosted)
Price No fees $39 / month $99 / month $199 / month $3,299 / one-time fee $9,990 / one-time fee
Employees 12 24 Unlimited Unlimited 25+ 25+
Online storage 5 GB+ 24 GB+ 100 GB+ Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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