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Automation of sales from trading platforms

Product cost:

Nova Poshta 1C:Enterprise Module is a data exchange system between the official Nova Poshta company and the client’s 1C:Enterprise software complex.

This solution is aimed at providing fast and convenient processing and accounting of the large number of packages via Nova Poshta shipping company, which will allow you to manage all logistical processes related to your business quickly and efficiently.

Product cost:

  • More than 200 implementations
  • Ability to functional improvements
  • Compatible with basic configurations 1C:Enterprise
  • Time savings
  • Improved business performance
  • Full control over the delivery process
  • Shipments automation
  • Printing express waybills (EWB)
  • Possibility to work with SMS auto sender module


  • Creating express waybills (EWB) from several senders
  • Creating and printing EWB or labels from any documents
  • Integrating the Nova Poshta catalogs (cities, branches, statuses, etc.)
  • Shipping cost calculation service
  • Shipping time calculation service
  • Automatic tracking of shipped packages status

  • Automatic tracking  of a return consignment “Cash on Delivery” status

  • Work with registers
  • Expanded possibilities of express waybills printout (HTML,PDF,ZEBRA, several documents at once)
  • Entering tracking number in the document without waybill creation (for tracking purposes)
  • Free subsystem update in case the structure of interaction with Nova Poshta changes

  • You can get the API KEY in your account on Nova Poshta website
  • Access permissions (administrator/user)
  • Possibility to send one/several packages (you need only to indicate the weight, no dimensions needed)
  • Mechanism of the subsystem customization for each user
  • Participation in the “Increase Opportunities” loyalty program

Download a detailed description and guide installation

Compatible typical configurations and configuration files (.cf) for download:

  • Trade enterprise management for Ukraine, rev.1.2

  • Trade management for Ukraine, rev. 2.3

  • Trade management for Ukraine, rev.3.0

  • Trade management for Ukraine,  rev.3.1

  • Small company management for Ukraine, rev.1.6

  • Small company management for Ukraine,  rev.1.6.5

You can also purchase an SMS auto sender module using 1C:Enterprise. To know more follow the link

A demo version of the product is available here.

To purchase a license key, please fill out the form.

After receiving your request, you will get a serial number to activate the demo mode. In demo mode, a full functional module is available; the only restriction is a limit of 5 maximum express waybills issued per day. Updating tracking numbers, downloading catalogs, calculating shipping cost and time are available in full and without limitations.

To purchase the full version of the product, please contact our company.

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