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Product cost:
350 $

FBA Finance is a powerful tool that will help you to control your FBA business, provide specific monthly statistics with all important indicators and help you to evaluate your results no matter how many products and how much data you have.

What is FBA Amazon? FBA Amazon (Fulfillment by Amazon) program is a convenient service for sellers, which allows you to take advantage of all the automated warehouses of Amazon and sell goods all over the world. In this case, a participation of a seller in the goods selling and a delivering process is minimal. Therefore, the FBA program allows you to save time and directly engage in your brand promotion and increase sales.

Product cost:
350 $

For those who are at the beginning stage of the e-commerce business, the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program can be an excellent start. The description of the process is below

  • You log into the Amazon FBA program and choose a niche

  • You buy goods from suppliers (in China) and send them to one of Amazon’s warehouses

  • Amazon accepts the goods and distributes them

  • A buyer chooses your product on a site and makes an order

  • Amazon independently labels the goods and arranges a delivery to an address specified by a buyer, no matter how many products you have and how much data you have

How does Fulfillment by Amazon works?

What is a Private label?

A private label is a form of business that includes the selling from Amazon warehouses using all the above advantages under the FBA scheme Ordering goods from suppliers, you mark them with your own logo or develop a unique product together with a supplier. This will allow your proposal to stand out among thousands of similar goods with its uniqueness on Amazon.

Main features of the solution:

  • All major KPIs are on 1 page

  • Shows sales volumes

  • Calculate an amount of a real profit
  • Shows a detailed information about an Amazon commission (for example, FBA commission)

  • Includes promotion costs

  • Includes pay-per-click costs

  • Recognizes a cost of a return

  • Includes fixed costs (for example, a virtual assistant, a training center or a photo of goods).
  • Allows you to view the data for any period (for example, a last year, month, last month per day)
  • Different filters (for example, by a market or a product)
  • Income and losses (P & L) analysis of

  • Ability to take into account local taxes (VAT)

  • Export to .xls and .csv

  • Support for Amazon US, CA, MX

FB Finance main dashboard

Our products for automating work with marketplaces

Our company has developed products that allow you to automate work with Amazon and eBay marketplaces.

This solution has been an official certified (eBay compatible application). It automates a process of publishing / placing and selling goods on eBay and provides an integration with the eBay Web Services API.

Go to the product page

This application solution is designed to automate a process of publishing/posting and selling products on Amazon sites (amazon.com, amazon.co.uk). Integration is done using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API.

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Is your information secure?

FBA TOOL uses the Amazon MWS API to access sales data. This is the a standard way of exchanging information with extraneous programs of Amazon. You can allow amzcontrol to access your Amazon account, and also revoke this authorization at any time, if you choose so.

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