Developing website of various complexity: from business card websites to multilingual online store


Website content management system via 1C:Enterprise
1C:Enterprise and website data synchronization


Development of an exclusive design
Possibility to use the ready-made template

We’ve got more than 10 years of experience under our belt in websites development and dozens of launched and constantly improved projects. We offer the following solutions for corporate as well as for individual customers:

  • Satellite websites (website of one product or a group of products with specific functions and possibility to buy in the main online store)

Besides the developed range of functions, interactive options can be added to the website (online chats, polling, guest books, etc.) if you wish. You can also order development of an exclusive design or pick up a third party ready-made template.

Why is Our Solution Unique?

We use our own self-developed framework. Besides the infrastructure part, it also includes a lot of classes, which implement the representation, business logic and logical data structure of the developed functionality. It allows us to offer the ready-made decisions and tailor advanced solutions.

What does it mean?

It means that we will develop a tailored website just according to your existing requirements and also offer solutions for new tasks.

A Bit of Technical Information

  • We use only open source software as components of our solutions. 1C:Enterprise system is the only exception.
  • Architecture of our solutions can be constructed using our own 1C:Enterprise-based CMS system. This CMS system, in its turn, can synchronize with the data source in 1C:Enterprise.
  • Due to interaction with 1C:Enterprise system we offer implementation of a sophisticated business logic of any complexity, which practically has no impact on the website performance.
  • Implementation of the innovations allows us to achieve unique results. For example, we used such a high-performance database as MongoDB for the online store. It ensures  high performance of the website with a catalog of products implemented in terms of faceted filters.

Website Development Stages


Stage 1

  • Requirements analysis
  • Terms of reference development

Stage 2

  • Website structure development
  • Website layout development

Stage 3

  • Creation of the HTML layout

Stage 4

  • Website coding

Stage 5

  • Testing of the website
  • Training of the customer

Stage 6

  • Technical support and improvement of the website
Also, besides the above-mentioned technical part, you can order:



  • Development of the website logo
  • Colour scheme
  • Banners and pictures
  • Goods photos


  • Goods description
  • Infomration pages
  • News / articles
  • Filling a website with the content


  • Hosting of the website
  • Buying and registering the domain


  • Search engine optimization for your website
  • Connecting and setting the analytics

Examples of the Online Stores Developed by IT Prosteer

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