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OpenCart – is an open-source online store management platform. Along with Magento it is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions. It is very easy to work with the platform – you just need to install OpenCart, choose and apply a free OpenCart theme, upload products, and you are ready to receive your first orders. Also, a user can add different features to the store by making changes to the code, that is why this platform is unique. OpenCart has a useful admin dashboard supported by mobile devices that allows you to track orders, receive sales reports, and use marketing tools – all these features are available through a convenient mobile app.
OpenCart main benefits :

  1. Integrated SEO module to optimize website content for popular search engines.
  2. 36 payment methods integrated with OpenCart and more than hundreds available for download.
  3. Unlimited number of categories and products available.
  4. Free sales and products reports ready for use.
  5. More than 40 interface languages at your disposal.
  6. 13000 useful extensions and themes available to install.
  7. OpenCart online store design responsive by default.
  8. Setting a range of currencies to make sales in different countries.

We offer a full cycle of the OpenCart website development.

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OpenCart online store web development services offered by IT Prosteer


Design and development

It’s critical to create design and new website structure fast:

  • Creating unique design in line with UI/UX principles
  • Adjusting website structure
  • Uploading products
  • Improving online store features directed by client’s wishes
  • Adjusting existing OpenCart stores
    • Adding new modules
    • Optimizing website speed
    • Using chats for live communication with clients
    • Modifying standard themes design

Content creation and website support

  • Creating content for all categories
  • Writing products description
  • Optimizing content for SEO
  • • Further supporting your website

Online Advertising

  • Installation of Google Tag Manager
  • Google Adwords
    • Contextual advertising (static and dynamic)
    • Search&Display
    • Remarketing/retargeting
  • Remarketing
    • Implementation of static and dynamic remarketing
    • Connecting remarketing in Facebook
    • Creating a target audience in Facebook
  • Export of online store product list to Google Shopping search
  • Adjustment of web banner management system based on Google DoubleClick for Small Business

A suite of services is adjusted according to your task and needs. Contact us and we will develop a tailored solution meeting your highest requirements.