Nowadays a question of what an online store is and why you need it is not of relevance any more. However, we will attempt to answer it. In fact, the internet store provides a customer with an opportunity:

To choose and buy a product on the web
To select a convenient method of payment and pay for the product on the web
To select a convenient method of delivery

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Online store potentials and benefits

Let us outline a number of significant benefits of an online store even when you already own a physical or the so-called offline store:


For you

  • Low cost of starting up and maintaining the online store compared to a physical – bricks-and-mortar – store
  • Opportunity to present a wide range of goods , even products currently unavailable in stock, or the ones you offer for ordering by default
  • Wide geography of clients (you can sell products not only to the customers from your city, but to people all over the country or even the world)
  • Opportunity to analyze not only the amount and range of the products sold, but also customers, their preferences, their location, demographics, etc.
  • Low cost of advertising and promotion . A much higher number of users will find you on the web. Even if you have physical – bricks-and-mortar – stores, an online store will attract a lot more customers there too.

For our customers

  • Wide range of products presented at one site
  • Time saving when searching for and selecting the product
  • Possibility to place an order at any time and from any place
  • Sufficient time to mull over the purchase
  • Payment method convenient for the customer (card payment, post-payment, bank transfer)
  • Delivery method convenient for the customer (to the shipping company warehouse, door-to-door shipping, customer pickup)
  • Product price (prices in internet stores are often lower than in physical stores)
  • Making comparisons between a great amount of products simultaneously

In fact, one can endlessly recount advantages and benefits of e-commerce for both businesses and for customers.


In sum, you have decided you need an online store. You then need to find a company to develop it for you. IT Prosteer offers both full and partial development of e-commerce stores. What does it mean?

Full development


Stage 1

  • Discussing the customer’s requirements and needs
  • Choosing the platform
  • Creating the terms of reference

Stage 2

  • Choosing and adapting the theme / template (depending on the platform chosen)

Stage 3

  • Developing the site structure

Stage 4

  • Creating HTML layout and adding content to the site
Additionally, apart from the technical part described above, full development includes the following services:



  • Developing the online store logo
  • Developing the color scheme
  • Banners and pictures
  • Product photos


  • Product description
  • Information pages
  • News / Articles
  • Adding content to the site or educating the customer about the ways to do it


  • Hosting of the website
  • Buying and registering the domain


  • Search engine optimization
  • Connecting to analytics and adjusting analytics

Partial development

If you do not need a full cycle of development, you can choose only those items that you would like to order.


We offer online store development on the following platforms

When ordering an online store please pay attention to the following:

  • Convenient structure and navigation
  • Convenient system for content management (adding products and their descriptions, information pages, news, articles, etc.)
  • Synchronizing the website with your databases

Integration with additional modules from IT Prosteer

In our turn, we also offer additional modules developed by IT Prosteer allowing you to synchronize with the 1С databases, automate and speed up the online store work, as well as widen your possibilities.

  • E-mail Marketing automation tool. The module allows for automating electronic communication with customers, creating manual and automatic newsletters after the occurrence of certain events, as well as analyzing effectiveness.
  • Nova Poshta API 2.0 and 1C:Enterprise Automated Shipping Solution . The module ensures fast automated processing and accounting of a large number of packages via Nova Poshta shipping company. We also offer Modules aimed at automating your work with shipping companies DHL, FedEx, Delivery
  • SMS auto sender module . When using this module, for example, with Nova Poshta API 2.0 and 1C:Enterprise Automated Shipping Solution, you can set the automatic sending of an SMS message to the client’s phone number according to the template. For instance, after the employee has entered the tracking number into the system and the package has been received in the delivery company office, the client will receive a message with the following wording “Your order has been sent. Nova Poshta, Lviv, Branch #1. No. 20400000522222».
  • Automation of Customer Service Manager Workplace. If you have a large online store, we also recommend purchasing an Automation of Customer Service Manager Workplace module. The module provides a convenient working environment for the customer service manager. In this solution we connected the Cisco-based internal telephone exchange station with 1C:Enterprise platform-based configuration using the TAPI driver. Thus when receiving a call, a manager can see all the information about the customer even before picking up the phone. This project also has an SMS sending service integrated.

Some online stores developed by IT Prosteer team

If you make an order at IT Prosteer, you will definitely get an easy-to-use, up-to-date and colorful website meeting all the search engine requirements.

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