What Is a Business Card Website and Why You Need It

A business card site is a small web resource (1- 10 pages) outlining your activity and achievements, and providing your contact information

Business Card Website


of your company on the Internet
Image advertising
for your business
Easy to manage website

Benefits For You:


  • Representing your company and services. Your potential customers will see you first
  • Attracting new customers and partners
  • Permanent advertising at a relatively small cost
  • Future growth possibilities for the website
  • Responsive site: Displayed equally conveniently on the desktop and on mobile devices
  • Website prepared for SEO
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Now let’s go into details.

A business card website is an excellent solution for representing online your start-up and small business. Here you can give information about your company, products, and services, and indicate the best way to get in touch with you. If you are already a successful entrepreneur then you need this site even more to expand the range of customers. Be a step ahead of your competitors! Let customers see you first! Developing a business card website


Developing a business card website Moreover, a business webcard site is an excellent element of image advertising. You are always visible. Your potential customers will be attracted by this impressive and well developed resource.


Easy content management: no specialized knowledge and no additional resources needed to administer the site. In fact, you are investing into website development and design only; you can support the website and manage content yourself. Developing a business card website


Developing a business card website In addition, you can earn money from your own website by placing contextual and banner ads from search engines.


Platforms We Use to Develop Business Card Websites

Steps of Business Card Site Development


Step 1

  • Discussing customer’s wishes and demands
  • Choosing the platform
  • Creating terms of reference

Step 2

  • Choosing and adapting the theme / template (upon purchasing, the theme becomes the customer’s property)

Step 3

  • Developing a website structure

Step 4

  • HTML coding and adding content

Additionally You Can Order



  • Logo development
  • Banner development
  • Photos

Adding Content

  • Adding content
  • Copywriting
  • SEO


  • Website hosting
  • Buying and registering a domain


  • Further website technical support
  • Training for the customer to administer the website

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Choosing IT Prosteer, you will obtain a convenient, modern, and attractive website adhering to all requirements of search engines. Furthermore, you will get access to additional services on website and content development, and SEO. If you need marketing services, our marketing specialists will be happy to help you!

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