Composite website – is a unique technology for developing websites on 1С-Bitrix platform, which allows for 100 times speeding up of the loading time in comparison to standard coding.

Composite Site Benefits


Loading Speed

Response rate is 100 times higher

Website Higher Ranking Positions

Higher website ranking in search engines, e.g., Google

Increased Effectiveness

Considerable increase in e-commerce site conversions

What You Get

  • Customers are not annoyed and exhausted by huge loading time; therefore, they will not abandon your page.
  • Due to improved search engine ranking, it is easier for a customer to find your website, thus the number of customers is increasing.
  • Increased conversion rate means increase in your income.

How It Works

  • Page data are divided into static and dynamic.
  • Static data are cached separately and are immediately shown.
  • Dynamic part of data is loaded in a background mode and is cached in the customer’s browser.
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How the Customer Sees It?

A customer doesn’t notice anything. Customers see a page that is loading fast; data background processing is totally invisible for the client.

What are Dynamic Data?

Dynamic data are:

  • Banner ads
  • Prices, discounts
  • Shopping cart status
  • Latest news
  • etc.

How can you use this technology at your site?

All websites developed on 1C-Bitrix: Site Manager platform can utilize a composite website technology. Learn more about this platform here.

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