Provide convenient and secure access to 1C


Remote access via VPN or Microsoft RDP / Citrix


Secured access to 1C using HTTPS technology
As the company develops and, consequently, extends its geography and staff, a risk to become a slow and clumsy ship often appears. Often just provision of access to the databases from any place and at any time to the employees and top managers can prevent these risks. Remote access to 1C database fits this purpose the best.

Advantages of 1C:Enterprise Remote Usage

  • Convenient for usage in business trips
  • Fast decision making – you are always online
  • Possibility to participate in the workflow in case of enforced absence
  • Creation of additional working hours when working from home
  • Possibility to work remotely in case of enforced absence on the workplace, for example, maternity leave
  • Secure data transfer


Discounting the possibility of remote access of the employees to 1C database may lead to the loss of eventual prospects to enhance the company performance, fast decisions making, motivation of employees to work at home in case of their temporary absence.
A lot of managers are against remote access because of the risk of data loss or unauthorized access to the database. We would like to assure you that there is nothing to be afraid of. We use a number of technologies, designed to simplify and secure data transfer from the central server. These technologies include VPN access channels, Microsoft RDP / Citrix infrastructure of remote desktops or electronic certificates-based access to the data through HTTPS secured WEB protocol. Refusal of remote usage of 1C:Enterprise to prevent risks of breaking security system is not a way forward decision for the company development. On the contrary, it is necessary to build a system which would minimize the risks but provide convenient access to the user.

And We Will Help You With That!

IT Prosteer possess versatile experience of working with network environment including remote access of the client work places to 1C:Enterprise system. We will set up the remote control and help you to design, select the most optimal operation variant, install and set up the network equipment. Our specialists have a long-term experience of Cisco, HP, Broadcom solutions usage. Therefore, we can offer you an optimal solution to organize a high-performing network infrastructure.

Implementation Technologies

IT Prosteer company offers services on implementation of the 1C remote workplace based on the following technologies:

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – technology which allows you to provide network connection from the client to the company network through building point-to-point secured links, using public networks with low trust levels. This technology is convenient because all data from user to company server are encrypted, accounts and their permissions are severely controlled, the employee uses “1C Thin Client” on his/her workplace.
Microsoft RDP / Citrix remote desktops infrastructure provides possibility to perform all the necessary work in 1C directly on the server in the company network. Therefore, important data leakage is prevented. Absolute advantage of this solution is that it can be used with narrow and unstable communication channels, since not the data but their visual image is displayed to the client. In their turn, only the mouse clicks and keyboard press are transferred from the client to the server. Moreover, the client can always resume working with 1C from the place he(she) stopped after emergency or planned disconnection.
Secured access to 1C using HTTPS technologies – it’s the most convenient way of remote employees interaction in case they use various devices or have to move constantly. Microsoft IIS server can be used as a web server. It is included in the standard package of operational system. Internet explorer or 1C application (Thin Client) can be used for access. Advantage of this type of access is that it requires practically no setup on the user edge. The company, which publishes the access to 1C, only has to have a valid electronic certificate and Internet access channel not less than 2 Mb/s. Nevertheless, this type of access is considered to be not less reliable than the others thanks to HTTP traffic encryption using SSL and TLS protocols. Moreover, scheme of certificates verification on the user edge can be used for access control. It means that only the employee with the personal certificate, recorded by the administrator of the company, can connect to 1C server using 1C Thin Client or 1C WebClient.


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