Stable and fast performance of the ordered solution in the client’s network


Estimation of the customer requirements to pick up the optimal decision


Diagnostics and consultations on hardware and software of the 1C operation environment

You can order a standalone solution or the full complex of services on installation and implementation of 1C. Don’t forget about 1Сdata protection. In this section we will describe our services concerning hardware and software required for the best performance of 1C:Enterprise in your company.

Short List of the Provided Services

  • Diagnostics of software and hardware of operation environment
  • Analysis of the bottlenecks of 1C complex operation, workplaces of the client
  • Providing recommendations on improving and modernization
  • Discussing the following plans of the existing infrastructure development
  • Assistance in selecting the equipment for operation of 1C server part
  • Compiling the list of works on optimization of software part of 1C operation
  • Mapping of the plan of 1C data backup, picking up the optimal solution
  • Assistance in organization of remote access for the employees to 1C:Enterprise*

*Learn more about the remote access to 1C:Enterprise.

How We Work

We estimate the customer’s requirements

The team of high-skilled specialist of IT Prosteer are always ready to help the customer to pick up the configuration of the hardware according to the current requirements and also taking the development plans into account. Our principle is to provide the customer with the several variants of the full list of required equipment so that the customer could select for himself. We study all the details of the future project in depth, and the customer receives all information concerning the nuances of the solution implementation. Indeed, primary right selection of the server equipment ensures its stable work in future. We understand perfectly well the requirements of the future growth of the customer. That is why we offer the optimal configuration with the option of further modernization.

We provide offers for the further development of the company

We also cover all further issues of the implemented solution lifecycle. The requirements change along with the company growth. It is always the best decision to entrust the software update, server capacities enhancement with the one who has installed the solution and, consequently, is acquainted with all aspects of the operation and initial requirements of the customer.

Update of the existing infrastructure is a rather regular task. It often happens so that the company grows and the current hardware is not already sufficient. Working with 1C becomes a burden for employees and top managers. This is the moment when support of the specialists, who can assess the current situation, is required. We are always ready to give a comprehensive analysis of the current state of affairs: combination of the used software, server equipment, and network connection, and provide recommendations on optimization. And furthermore, provide consultations and services on their correct update, so you can feel high performance of 1C-based platform.


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