Secure 1C data from being copied or stolen even in case of unauthorized confiscation of server equipment


Security system based on Secret Disk hardware and software complex, certified for operation with 1C:Enterprise 8


High performance due to usage of encryption algorithms embedded in the central processor

Special attention should be dedicated to protection of the data of 1C accounting system. Unfortunately, 1C internal security system is not sufficient to prevent all risks of confidential information leakage, including data copying, stealing, unauthorized confiscation of server equipment, arrest of property, business rivals actions aimed at harming the company operation, illegal takeover, etc.

IT Prosteer has a solid experience of working with reliable cryptographic security systems for minimization of risks on all stages of operations with 1C data, from simple models of file-server constructions of 1C operation to distributed server solutions, including the whole chain of database backup.

What We Offer

The offered concept of 1C data protection is based on usage of hardware and software complex of Aladdin R.D. company, which has passed all certification tests for compatibility with solutions on 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. The received certificate confirms the valid operation and convenient application of Secret Disk solutions to protect confidential information and databases of 1:C Enterprise 8.

Main Features of Secret Disk Server NG

  • Restriction of access to the confidential information by encrypting data.
  • High performance through encryption algorithms embedded in the central processor.
  • Granting access to the protected data only after two-factor authentication.
  • Elimination of risk of unauthorized copying of the databases via by-passing 1C application even for users with administrator rights.
  • Support of all disk systems, used on the server (DAS, SAN, RAID).
  • Immediate full access lockout to the secured data in case of emergency –Panic Button Solution.
  • High usability.


How It Works

  • When the data are recorded on disk, they are encrypted, when they are read, they are deciphered. Encryption algorithms, embedded in the central process, can be used for that. In such case the system load is minimized.
  • Data on the disk are always encrypted. That is why even an illegal intruder with the physical access to the server or hard disk cannot access the data.
  • It’s impossible to prove that data are stored on the disk because the system doesn’t create standard containers for the protected information.

Package Content

  • 2 USB keys of Secret Disk Server NG*
  • Distribution package of the software
  • Panic button device
  • USB extension cable
  • Documents

* 1 key should always be located on the server. The second one, the key of Secret Disk Server NG administrator, should be kept in the safe place. It should be used only in cases of emergency, when the server is rebooted to mount the protected disk .

You may rest assured that wherever your data are stored, they will be secured!

We can add extra functions to this solution depending on the task and needs. Contact us, and we will develop a tailored application meeting your highest requirements.