• To automate products uploading and sales on eBay trading platforms


  • Products uploading via 1C:Enterprise
  • Automatic synchronization of prices and stock


  • System for downloading orders to 1C:Enterprise
  • Integration via eBay Web Services API

This is a solution aimed at automation of uploading and sales process on eBay trading platform. It’s integrated into 1C:Enterprise configuration via eBay Web Services API.

We are glad to inform that this solution has been certified.
Now this system is officially approved as compatible with eBay platform!
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Main Features

  • Upload and post products on eBay using 1С software
  • Prices are automatically updated
  • Stocks are automatically updated
  • Orders are downloaded to 1C:Enterprise
  • Keeping records of the tracking numbers of the packages in 1C:Enterprise
  • Tracking numbers for the order are uploaded automatically
  • You can upload and post goods simultaneously on several accounts

Detailed Description of the Functions

OMain window


The main window of 1C interaction with eBay trading platform is divided into several tabs:

  • Orders download
  • Items upload
  • General settings
  • Categories management

Orders Download

The module of integration allows you to import orders directly from eBay server. When you activate the tab, the system sends the request for data for the previous 3 days and automatically fills them in the order form.

Orders processing window consists of three parts:

  • General list of orders for the selected period
  • List of goods from the order
  • Shipment data

The list of orders from eBay is displayed in connection with the “Buyer’s Order” document. Therefore, you will see which order is processed and completed and which one needs additional actions to be taken. You can automatically create a new client (data are filled in automatically) and order of this client based on each record.

You can also set a recurrent import of orders. As the result, if you sell goods on several platforms at the same time, you will always have up-to-date data on the stocks, even if the item was bought when you were away.

Orders downloading


Orders downloading

Items Management

All data, necessary for the goods upload, are gathered on the corresponding tab.

Posting of items to eBay


The left part of the window contains the general list of the items which are not uploaded but are ready to be posted. The right part contains data which refer directly to the active good.
Operation panel consists of «quick» filters and possible actions on the goods.


You can pick up the goods according to the following statuses:

  • All – the whole list of the goods available for publication
  • New – goods which have never been posted
  • Active – goods, posted to eBay and available for purchase
  • Inactive – goods, which have once been posted, but are not posted for the time being

There is various visual appearances for the items:

  • The item is grey – the item is a new one, fields, required for posting of this item, are empty
  • The item is black – the item is ready for being posted
  • The column is ruby-red – error of synchronization/filling in of the information

Item Processing Before Posting

When you click on the item from the list, data on this good are automatically filled in at the right part of the window. You can edit the data. After you check all fields and press “Apply” button, the item will be marked as ready for posting.

The data form is divided into a few sections. It displays the main data and has a preview function.

Main data


Item Specifications
When you enter the item specifications, the properties recommended for this type of item is taken into account (highlighted in bold). You can also set your properties or get them from the item characteristics automatically. The values, provided by the eBay, are also available for some properties. Therefore, if you set the specifications correctly, the item will take part in eBay faceted search (search by filters).


Item shipment data:

Item shipment data


General Settings

All general settings of the module are stored on the separate tab. You can set various properties for the module operation.
For example: policy of the prices rounding-up, rock-bottom price of the item, pricing policy (taking system fee into account, price column taken for calculation), usage of package function (when you sell several items by one lot).

General settings


Appointing the Category

Use the reference form to select in which sections of eBay store the item should appear. Data on existing categories of eBay store are taken directly from the eBay server via Api.

 Select the category of eBay


Posted Item

After you’ve uploaded the item, you can go to its page and see the result.

Posted item


We can name ToolBoom – as an example of the store which uses this module for operation. Take a look and order the same for yourself. .

Enjoy selling on eBay!

We can add extra functions to this solution depending on the task and needs. Contact us and we will develop a tailored application meeting your highest requirements.