To automate products uploading and sales on Amazon trading platforms


  • Products uploading via 1C:Enterprise
  • Automatic synchronization of prices and stock


  • System for downloading orders to 1C:Enterprise
  • Integration via AWS API

This is a solution aimed at automation of uploading and sales process on Amazon trading platforms (amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, etc.). It’s integrated into 1C:Enterprise configuration via Amazon Web Services (AWS) API.

Main Features

  • Upload and post products on Amazon using 1С software
  • Prices are automatically updated
  • Stocks on Amazon are automatically updated
  • Orders are downloaded to 1C:Enterprise (goods are automatically reserved)
  • Tracking numbers for the order are uploaded automatically
  • You can upload and post goods simultaneously on several Amazon sites (e.g. amazon.com, amazon.co.uk)

Detailed Description of the Functions

The main window of 1C interaction with Amazon trading platform is divided into several tabs:

  • Orders download
  • Items upload
  • Prices/quantity upload
  • Settings
  • Data exchange logs

Orders Download

The module of integration allows you to import orders directly from Amazon server. The list of orders from Amazon is displayed in connection with the “Buyer’s Order” document. Therefore, you will see which order is processed and completed and which one needs additional actions to be taken. You can automatically create a new client (data are filled in automatically) and order of this client based on each record.

You can also set a recurrent import of orders. As the result, if you sell goods on several platforms at the same time, you will always have up-to-date data on the stocks, even if the item was bought when you were away.

 Data exchange

Items Management

All data, necessary for the goods upload, are gathered on the corresponding tab.

 Items upload  
The left part of the window contains the general list of the items which are not uploaded but are ready to be posted. You can also select the goods by the stock item group.

Item Processing Before Posting

When you click on the item from the list, data on this good are automatically filled in at the right part of the window. You can edit the data. After you check all fields and press “Apply” button, the item will be marked as ready for posting.
The data form is divided into a few sections. It displays the main data and has a preview function.

 Main data


All general settings of the module are stored on one tab.
Prices/Stock Upload
There is a flexible mechanism of adjusting price and quantity upload on the site. The subsystem allows to adjust the stock for accounting, quantity of the products, rearrange them according to the priorities, set the quantity for goods not available on the stock (if you supply goods pointedly upon the client’s order).

You can also set different prices (adjusted by the coefficient) and delivery terms for each combination of availability.

 General settings

Category Pickup

Use reference form to select in which section of Amazon store the item should appear. Data on exiting categories of Amazon store are taken directly from the Amazon server.
 Category selection

Posted Item

After you’ve uploaded the item and Amazon approved it, you can go to its page and see the result.

 Posted item

The data exchange the Amazon system goes on asynchronously, so the system provides an exchange log. It helps you control the queries execution.
The system also contains a routine task of sending waybill numbers and updating the prices/quantity.

Обновление цен/количества  
We can name Technopark as an example of the store which uses this module for operation. The store works simultaneously on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Take a look and order the same for yourself.

Enjoy selling on Amazon!
We can add extra functions to this solution depending on the task and needs. Contact us and we will develop a tailored application meeting your highest requirements.