Fast and convenient processing and accounting of the large number of packages via Nova Poshta shipping company


System of data exchange between the official system of Nova Poshta company and 1C software complex of the client


Integration of API 2.0 service of the shipment company into any configurations of 1C:Enterprise
More than 100 successful implementations
Learn more about SMS module
You can purchase SMS auto sender module together with this system. It will allow you to automatically send messages to clients when the order is sent.
Learn more about SMS module

Main Features

  • Creation of express waybills (EWB) from several senders
  • Electronic creation/print of EWB from any documents
  • Integration of the Nova Poshta catalogs (cities, branches, statuses, etc.
  • Shipping cost calculation service
  • Shipping time calculation service
  • Automatic tracking of the statuses of the shipped packages
  • Possibility to track the status of the return consignment “Cash on Delivery”
  • Work with registers
  • Expanded possibilities of express waybills printout  (HTML,PDF,ZEBRA, several documents at once)
  • Entering tracking number in the document without waybill creation (for tracking purposes)
  • Free update of the subsystem in case the structure of interaction with Nova Poshta changes
  • You can get the API KEY in your account on Nova Poshta website
  • Access permissions (administrator/user)
  • Possibility to send one/several packages (you need only to indicate the weight without the dimensions)
  • Mechanism of the subsystem customization for each user
  • Participation in “Increase Opportunities” the loyalty program

Operation Algorithm

The data are exchanged by means of information as XML-files transfer via АРІ 2.0 (application programming interface).
Operation Algorithm

Note! To get started you need to register on Nova Poshta website and generate an API key in your account.

Detailed Description of Functions and Interface

Main Form of EWB Creation

Основна форма
To create EWB you need to:

  • go to Sale documents register
  • pick up the required document or create a new one
  • press Send button

The form of EWB creation will appear on the screen. Some fields are filled in automatically (if the information base has the corresponding data). The additional data should be entered manually. After you press the Send button, the data go to Nova Poshta company server. If the request is accepted, you will receive a tracking number for the package.

 EWB printing
 Barcode printing
After you receive a tracking number, you can print a waybill by pressing Print button.
Printing options

  • Format
    • PDF
    • HTML
  • Appearance
    • Express waybill
    • Barcode

Delivery calculation

The module offers the calculation of the:

Time of delivery
 Time of delivery
Cost of delivery
 Cost of delivery

Manually entering of tracking number

There is a special option of entering tracking numbers without creating electronic waybills (for example, the electronic waybill has already been created in the office of the shipping company). Thus you will be able to track the waybills created beyond the 1C:Enterprise system.

Working with the registers

You can add the express waybill to the register after creating it. You can create a new register directly from the 1C:Enterprise system or use an already existing one. You can also print registers the same way as in your account on the Nova Poshta website.

Tracking shipments statuses

The columns will be added to the document displaying the trackings and curresnt statuses of the sent packages, and also “Cash on delivery” statuses.


The subsystem contains the main catalogs, required for the module operation. These catalogs are automatically synchronized with Nova Poshta service. Therefore, you will always have up-to-date information about :

  • Cities, to which the company delivers packages
  • Nova Poshta branch offices
  • Possible statuses of the packages
  • Streets for door-to-door shipment
  • Senders
 Universal catalog
Universal catalog of “Nova Poshta” company objects
 Catalog of senders
Catalog of senders
Contains all the required information about the packages senders. It is automatically synchronized when the system is initialized from the user account.
Catalog of cities
 Catalog of cities
Catalog of the branch offices
 Catalog of the branch offices
Catalog of the streets
Catalog of the streets


Price of the module

1650 UAH


Installation by yourself (we supply the module and a demo)


Integration into the typical configuration by our specialists – 400 UAH
You can install the module by yourself or our specialist can do it for you.

Installation by yourself Installation by our specialists
Typical configurations Non-typical configurations
Price 400 UAH negotiable
Conditions We supply the module “as is” with the demo based on the typical configuration. Integration is performed remotely. See the list of the compatible typical configurations below. negotiable

Compatible typical configurations:

  • Trade enterprise management for Ukraine, rev.1.2
  • Trade management for Ukraine rev. 2.3
  • Trade management for Ukraine rev.3.0
  • Small company management for Ukraine rev.1.4

We can add extra functions to this solution depending on the task and needs. Contact us, and we will develop a tailored application meeting your highest requirements.