Fast and convenient processing and accounting of the large number of packages via Delivery shipping company


System of data exchange between the official system of Delivery company and 1C software complex of the client


Integration of API 3.0 service of the shipment company into any configurations of 1C:Enterprise

Main Features

  • Creation of express waybills (EWB) from several senders
  • Electronic creation/print of EWB from any documents
  • Integration of the Delivery catalogs (
  • Shipping cost calculation service
  • Automatic tracking of the statuses of the shipped packages
  • Rich options of printing biils
  • Free update of the subsystem in case the interaction with Delivery company changes
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Operation Algorythm

The data are exchanged by means of JSON-format information transfer via АРІ 3.0 (application programming interface).
 Delivery operation algorithm

Note! To get started you need to register on Delivery company website and generate an API key in your account. To do it sent application to IT department.

Detailed Description of Functions and Interface

EWB Creation

To create EWB you need to:

  • go to Sale documents register
  • pick up the required document or create a new one
  • press “Create EWB” button

“EWB creation” new document will appear on the screen. Some fields are filled in automatically (if corresponding data are in the data base). Additional data should be filled in manually.
The document of EWB creation is structured according to the creation scheme offered on the website. The document has tabs dedicated to each stage of the document filling in.
The number of steps can change depending on the selected type of delivery. Here you can see the screenshots showing creation of the waybill according to “warehouse-warehouse” type of delivery

Step 1: Delivery scheme

During this step the data on the city and division of the sender and receiver, and also a delivery scheme are filled in.

Step 2: Sender and receiver Data

On this stage data of the receiver (name and surname, phone number) are entered, payment and cargo insurance options are filled in.

Step 3: Shipment cost calculation

This stage allows you to calculate the shipment cost based on the sending options.

Also, you can select additional services provided by the Delivery company and see their price:

step 4: Collecting the cargo

In case of door-to-warehouse or door-to-door delivery, you need to fill in the data on collecting the cargo. In case of other types of delivery, this tab will not be displayed.

Step 5: Cargo delivery

In case of warehouse-to-door or door-to-door shipment, you will need to fill in the data of the cargo receiver. In case of other types of delivery, this tab will not be displayed.

Step 6: Information for the customs

Not used for domestic deliveries.

Step 7: Payment on delivery

Step 8: Confirmation

After you press the “Calculate” button, the data on the shipping cost calculation will appear in the confirmation window.

To send the data to the Delivery server you need to press “Finish creation” button. If all data are entered correctly, you will receive the new waybill number in 1C enterprise and print option will be available.

Also the waybill will appear in your account on the company website.

Printing the Waybill

You can print the waybill either from the very waybill form or from the sales list from the corresponding menu:

You can select 3 printing options:

  • Print the waybill
  • Print all stickers on one list
  • Print stickers on the separate sheets

Shipping statuses

The sales list displays the invoice number on which the waybill will be sent and the current status of the package. You can update the statuses automatically or manually.


Price of the module

1500 UAH


Installation by yourself (we supply the module and a demo)


Integration into the typical configuration by our specialists – 200 UAH
You can install the module by yourself or our specialist can do it for you.

Installation by yourself Installation by our specialists
Typical configurations Non-typical configurations
Price 200 UAH negotiable
Conditions We supply the module “as is” with the demo based on the typical configuration. Integration is performed remotely. See the list of the compatible typical configurations below. negotiable

Compatible typical configurations:

  • Trade enterprise management for Ukraine, rev. 1.2
  • Trade management for Ukraine, rev. 2.3
  • Trade management for Ukraine, rev. 3.0
  • Small business management for Ukraine, rev. 1.4

We can add extra functions to this solution depending on the task and needs. Contact us, and we will develop a tailored application meeting your highest requirements.