• To create a convenient environment for customer relationship management
  • To keep records and analyze the contacts with the customers


  • Module in 1C:Enterprise to make, receive and analyze calls
  • Integration with Cisco-based telephony


  • System of automatic search for the information about the customer
  • Module for automatic SMS sending

The module provides convenient working environment for the customer service manager. In this solution we connected the Cisco-based internal telephone exchange with configuration on the 1C:Enterprise platform using the TAPI driver. Thus when receiving the call, the manager can know all the information about the caller before he/she picks up the phone. Also in this project SMS sending service has also been integrated.

Main Features:

  • Making and receiving calls from 1C environment
  • Automatic search for the customer by the phone number during the incoming call
  • Automatic search for the additional information about the calling customer, for example:
    • orders
    • invoices
    • history of contacts
    • sent SMS and e-mails
    • preorders
  • Displaying the list of active managers
  • Quick creation of a new order/invoice
  • Recording of the incoming/outcoming call by the Event document
  • Possibility to create and complete the questioners of the clients
  • Analytical reports on the calls
  • Analysis of the clients polling

Detailed Description

Workplace of the Manager

Main window


Main window contains all the information required for processing the customer’s call:

Calls history for the current day


List of active users

 List of active users

Dial pad, status of the line


During the incoming call the customer search results are automatically displayed in a separate block:

 search results

The lower part displays the information about the interactions with the client, for example:

  • Contacts
  • Orders
  • Sales
  • Sent SMS and emails


 web orders list

 sales register

 emails register

Calls registration

The incoming call can be automatically recorded by the Event document:

 Incoming call registration


The system allows to create SMSs (AlfaSMS service is used for that):

 SMS form


The system offers possibility to create an infinite number of questionnaires with an infinite number of questions. There is also a function of automatic display of the questionnaire with the previously set number of questions.


Reports and Analysis

Analysis of the calls number

 Analysis of the calls number

Analysis of the calls in terms of periods

 Analysis of the calls in terms of periods

Report of the polling results

 Report of the polling results

We can add extra functions to this solution depending on the task and needs. Contact us and we will develop a tailored application meeting your highest requirements.