To automate keeping records and analysis of the employees worktime

Hardware solution

Biometric authentication system for employees

Software solution

1C:Enterprise configuration to collect and analyze data on the employees worktime

Main Features

  • Data
    • Automatic import of data on the employees clock-in and clock-out based on the access control system
    • Possibility to use these data for payroll
  • Working schedules and time sheets
    • Implementation of several working schedules
    • Keeping records of vacations, absence without leave, overtimes, sick leaves, etc.
    • Automatic generation of the employee’s working time sheet
    • Usage of the scheduled calendar which takes weekends and holidays into account
  • Access permissions
    • Several types of access permissions (full access, access of the chief, access of the employee)
    • Possibility to use the system for providing and control of the access to the premises (automatic opening of the doors after the person authorization)
  • Absence request
    • Possibility to file an absence request (personal day off, sick leave, vacation, unpaid leave, business trip, etc.) beforehand or post factum
    • Approval of the absence request by the chief of the department
    • Sending an email to the chief when the absence request is created
    • Possibility to edit the working time sheets based on the absence request
  • Reports
    • Reports in terms of working time types taking their cost into account
  • Discretization of the working time is 1 minute


Hardware solution

 Biometric authentication system
Automatic device for person identification by fingerprints, access card or face recognition system. Only one method of identification as well as all three methods may be used simultaneously (for example when 1 method may not work). The device saves the data to its internal memory. The data are transferred to 1C:Enterprise upon request. The document “Actual hours worked” is generated based on these data.

Also you can arrange a system of access permissions to certain premises – the locks will automatically open after the person is identified.

The mention below device has been used in this project. However, we can pick up another device according to the required functions.


Software Solution: Detailed Description of the Functions

Working schedules

 Working  schedules
The system allows to create various time schedules, the standard one and customized schedules for certain employees. For example, these can be night hours, work on certain days, every second day, etc. Also you can create a system of shifts on the days-off. Therefore, you can create and analyze any individual time schedule.

Correcting the working hours

 Correcting the working hours
The document allows to correct any type of the working hours. For example, you can add time to the main vacation.


Absence request

 Absence request
Each employee can create an absence request by himself (herself). The document creation is possible before the actual absence, as well as after that. The request can be passed through only by the employee in charge.

The following types of events are recorded:

  • Sick leave
  • Paid vacation
  • Absence at one’s own expense
  • Unpaid vacation
  • Overtime
  • Business trip

For some types of the events and payments the request should be approved by the chief of the department or another employee in charge. If it’s not approved, it remains inactive. Also the document shows the statistics of absence requests in terms of the types of the events. The form also has a field for leaving notes.

Register of Absence Requests

 Register of Absence Requests
The register is a full list of the absence requests, created by the employees during the selected period. The information is displayed according to the type of the employee’s permission:

  • CEO sees all requests
  • Chief of the department sees only the requests of his/her subordinates
  • Employee sees only his/her requests

Actual hours worked

 Actual hours worked
It’s a service document to which the data from the access control system are imported. During the import the data are processed according to the set working schedules. Clock in and clock out of each employee is recorded. The data can be corrected if necessary.


Working time sheet

 Working time sheet
It’s a main document which shows the working activity of the employee during the month.

The working time sheet is generated on the basis of the data from the “ Actual hours worked ” document, taking into account absence requests and working schedule of the employee.

The document displays:

  • information about the attendance according to the automatic system of access control
  • list of all request, which influenced the calculation
  • summary information in terms of events types and working hours
  • summary data on the accrued, used and remaining vacation time
  • general diagram with all types of working hours and events

After the working sheet is generated, the employee can create absence requests for the unaccounted time. By default this time is marked as absence without leave. The requests can be passed through by the employee in charge.


Report in terms of types of the working hours

 Report in terms of types of the working hours
The report allows you to analyze the working hours for any period, and also calculate the cost of each type of the working hours in terms of the employee’s salary.


We can add extra functions to this solution depending on the task and needs. Contact us and we will develop a tailored application meeting your highest requirements.