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Product cost: 1300 $

The system is aimed at automating sales on eBay

This solution is aimed to automate the uploading and sales process on eBay trading platform. The application is officially approved as an eBay compatible application. It’s integrated via eBay Web Services API.

Product cost: 1300 $

  • More than 100 implementations
  • Possibility to add extra functions
  • Compatibility with major 1C configurations
  • Time savings
  • Improved business performance
  • Automated product listings
  • Ease of learning
  • Enhanced communication
  • Constant solution support


  • Integration via eBay Web Services API

  • Publishing goods via our system

  • Price and balance automatic updating
  • The system for uploading orders into the database

  • Loading/accounting orders in our system

  • Accounting shipment tracking number

  • Uploading tracking numbers information to the marketplace

  • Ability to publish simultaneously  from multiple accounts

  • Fast switching among accounts

  • Official compatibility with eBay and Amazon platforms

  • Product Publishing Wizard

  • Product card templates

  • Displaying the current status of product publication on eBay

Main features

Additional benefits

For customers who are already selling goods on eBay and wish to automate their operations, we have provided a mechanism for importing goods, as well as the possibility to testing publications in our Sandbox account.

Demo version

After the development mode being activated, the data exchange will be performed with the eBay test site. So you can explore module features without affecting your main account. Updating a module version and filling in the necessary requisites, the work will be performed automatically.

Import of goods

The import assistant is designed to upload already published products into a system. After comparing them with a stock list, you are ready to start sales on eBay right away!

Our company has also developed an Amazon trading solution and you can learn more about them here.

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An example of a published item

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