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Bitrix24 CRM is a business communications platform launched by Bitrix, Inc. in 2012.

Bitrix24 CRM provides you with a complete suite of social, communication and CRM management tools, including file sharing, team management, calendars, and more. Bitrix24 is currently being used by more than two million organizations around the world.

  • Effective solution
  • A clients management automation
  • Free version available
  • High speed of implementation
  • Increased business performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to learn
  • Ability to manage content yourself
  • The whole company is on a single page


  • Managing customer interaction

  • Automatic working process

  • Marketing activities automation(mailings, calls)
  • The sales funnel management
  • Automatic document creation in CRM (commercial offers, accounts, reports)

  • Live chats integration

  • Social networks Integration

  • Open forms for websites
  • Project management tools
  • Event planning tools
  • Time tracking tools
  • Setting and controlling tasks (with runtime control)

  • SIP phones and softphones supports

  • Free HR module

  • Mobile versions and add-ons to CRM

  • Group communications (voice and video calls)

  • Integration with external disks and services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SIP and IP telephony)

  • Free version available

Bitrix24 CRM is a unique customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which at the same time contains a powerful social and a communication component for optimizing processes within a company (Social Network).

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The program combines a social network system with CRM tools that include contact management, sales management, messaging, activity planning and calendars. All these allow your team manage quickly an important information using just one application.


This platform does everything to manage your company effectively and efficiently. Bitrix24 solves a problem of finding a messaging application, HR software management, and a collaborative task management program by gathering them all in one place.

Business Insider

When your company starts growing you find it is becoming increasingly impersonal. With a help of a social cooperation you are going to get the fuel that ignites success and which made your company the way it was at the beginning. Together with your team, you will be able to take actions necessary to achieve specific goals and targets.

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BizPace Enterprize
Price No fees $39 / month $99 / month $199 / month $3,299 / one-time fee $9,990 / one-time fee
Employees 12 24 Unlimited Unlimited 25+ 25+
Online storage 5 GB+ 24 GB+ 100 GB+ Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price Employees Online storage
Free (Cloud) No fees 12 5 GB+
Plus (Cloud) $39 / month 24 24 GB+
Standard (Cloud) $99 / month Unlimited 100 GB+
Professional (Cloud) $199 / one-time fee Unlimited Unlimited
BizPace (Self-hosted) $3,299 / one-time fee 25+ Unlimited
BizPace Enterprize (Self-hosted) $9,990 / one-time fee 25+ Unlimited

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