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Bitrix CMS – is a great choice if you are already running a business, using 1C products. Bitrix CMS provides you with a possibility of a high-quality synchronization with 1C products, that will help you to upload products to site, synchronize balances in stocks and perform other activities directly from 1C:

  • online stores
  • corporate websites
  • information portals
  • any other types of websites
  • Easy to learn
  • Possibility to manage content yourself
  • Responsive design
  • High-speed implementation
  • Increased business performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Synchronization with 1C:Enterprise
  • Optimization of work with clients
  • Affordability


  • Easy Website Management
    It is easy and simple to work with website since most tasks are performed by the system.

  • Ready-Made Modules
    A software product includes dozens of ready-to-use modules with various functions, from the website structure and design up to web analytics and SEO optimization. The number of these modules is constantly increasing.

  • Responsiveness
    A newly developed website can be viewed on any mobile device. Search engines, especially Google, require websites to be responsive and to use it as a ranking factor.

  • Safety and Security
    The platform provides a high website security level protecting it from hacking and DDoS attacks. A proactive filter serves as a shield against most well-known security attacks. The product also has a web-built-in anti-virus. With such a level of security your website and database are in good hands.

  • High Website Performance
    A system automatically performs website efficiency checks and gives recommendations how to improve it. High-traffic and high-load websites show high performance as well.

  • Access to Cloud Services
    A product works with cloud storage services such as Google, Amazon S3, Microsoft Windows Azure Storage, OpenStack project and others, as well as with CDN (Content Delivery Network), which is integrated with these services.
  • Integration with 1C:Enterprise Platform
    Integrating 1C-Bitrix:Website Management with 1C:Enterprise trade configurations allows the following:

    • publishing products in the online store product catalog
    • transferring orders placed on the website into 1C:Enterprise database for further processing
    • uploading processed orders to the website

CMS or a content management system makes content management much easier.

Due to the high-quality synchronization with your 1C CMS database, 1C-Bitrix allows you to easily and efficiently manage your site content without seeking help from experts and simultaneously automates the stocking of your online store.


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